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Back on the road, and at the keyboard again

After holidays, equipment maintenance, getting a new tent roof, and getting the booth on the road again, we’re back!

Tomas is currently set up at the Florida Renaissance Festival, in his usual location. He’s under a brand new canvas roof, though, which is nice!

The website has been updated this week to add the five missing variants of pride flag ribbon front pins. Lanyards in all our pride flag ribbon choices have also been added, though only transgender and asexual variants have been photographed as of today. The rest will get photos as we’re able.

Kim is prepping inventory for Gulf Wars in March. We’ll be in our building, as usual. You can contact us to put in orders for pickup there if there is something specific you’d like.

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Website Updates: 14-18 November 2023

This week we upgraded our hosting, and the site has been moved to a newer, better server! We hope this leads to a more pleasant experience for our visitors.

New options for cameo frames are in stock, and listings have been updated to reflect this.

Christmas themed cameos are now live. Many more items have been photographed and will be posted as images can be edited for upload.

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Louisiana Setup

Tomas arrived at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival site on Tuesday evening, and he’s busy setting up the tent for opening this Saturday! As seems usual for this fair, we are once again in a new location. This year we’re across from Coppersmith, and sort of back-to-back (around the curve) from the large blue sword shop. Better location and photos as he can send some.

Meanwhile, Kim is at home with the enamel table covered in rainbow feathers, and a couple new items added to the website: a White Rabbit cameo, and a Raven & Skull cameo.

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Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain!

Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain to all our friends!

We’re pleased to announce the newest member of the Lapidary family – our new studio cat, Shadow! This friendly fellow showed up recently, and after a clean bill of health from our vet yesterday, he’s now officially a member of the team. (Of course, he doesn’t care to sit for photos, he wants pets!)

In honor of our void cat adoption on this auspicious day, we’re running a sale! Our black cat cameos are now $10 each (normally $12) from now until November 7th. Help us welcome Shadow to the family. Two *NEW* designs are included in the sale – Black Cat on Skull, and Black Cat & Raven!

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So many pretty little things

We’ve been steadily working on restocking throughout the past month, and getting photos of as many items as we can. New items have been added to the website over the past few weeks, mainly cameos, earrings, ribbon fronts, and other small items. This will continue as quickly as time allows. Thank you for visiting, and don’t hesitate to let us know which items you’d most like to see added or rephotographed.

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Website Updates 5 Apr 2023

Today the shipping dimensions and weights were corrected for all ribbon bracelets, and new photography was uploaded for Pansexual, Bisexual, Sunset Lesbian, Man-Loving Man, and Genderqueer Ribbon bracelet variants.

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Home and Working

Both Tomas and Kim are back at the home studio for now, completing orders and doing equipment maintenance. Our next show appearance will be at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, every weekend in May. We hope you can join us!

In the meantime, website updates continue. Today: Product listings for Transgender, NonBinary, Genderfluid, Agender and Rainbow ribbon bracelets have been updated with new photography.

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Home again, home again…

Kim has returned home from Gulf Wars and begun the process of cleaning everything and processing orders placed at the event. Website updates and online order processing will now resume. Thank you all for your patience! Tomas is at our Florida Renaissance Festival booth for one more weekend before he, too, returns home.

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Countdown to Gulf Wars

We’re getting packed and ready to leave for Gulf Wars XXXI! We’ve added a shipping option “Pickup at Event – Gulf Wars” for anyone who would like to order items to pickup on site. Please place any such orders by Thursday in order for us to make sure we can pack what we need.

Daily site updates: we’ve updated 15 “Bee Yourself” listings with new photography, including a new variant – Sapphic Bee!

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Yay, we’re live!

Thank you to everyone for your patience while we were down during the switchover from the old site. We hope that this site will be more responsive and mobile-friendly. We are aware that a lot of images are currently missing. We placed a priority on getting the site up, rather than making it perfect. We are uploading the missing images as quickly as possible. Some images may end up being low-quality placeholders until we can get better photographs of items.